Violence in the World Print



52. We note that Mahmud Abbas from Palestine was in South Africa to meet our President and cement relations between our country and the Palestinian people. However, Palestine very easily is made a less important matter in the Global Political scene with the fuelling of violence in the name of Islam in different parts of the world.

53. The late President and Father of our South African Nation, Nelson Mandela, whose 1st anniversary of his demise we remember this week, spent his years after prison life in trying to reconcile the World, not to fuel wars and intolerance. But as commentators this week say, his vision of a Rainbow Nation seems to be fading. As the level of inequality in our country and with the highest Gini co-efficient which is the measure of inequality in our country makes us of the worst in the world.

54. This week we also commemorate World Aids day. There are 35 million people in the world who live with this dreaded disease with around 2 million alone receiving treatment here in the Western Cape.

55. But the topic that remains one of international political relevance is how the consequences of intolerance and disrespect continues to play itself out in various parts of the world in different ways.

56. Last Friday there was the Boko Haram attack on a mosque in Nigeria and subsequent attacks where 100’s of people were killed.

57. And why do we mention this? Because in some of these terror attacks in certain parts of the world, there are South Africans involved. The Iraqi Ambassador to South Africa, Dr Hisham al-Alawi was all over the news recently speaking about how South Africans are participating in terror activities in Iraq and Syria. The existence of this mentality of intolerance and hatred is right here at home that we should be on guard against and not tolerate at all. Sunni and Shia jointly should speak out and fight against this menace.

58. But these 2 weeks we as South Africans also commemorate and uphold the call for 16 Days of Activism for Non Violence against Women and Children. These are the most vulnerable of our society who have the least power and are subjugated to the worst crimes in our society. Different forums have been arranged in this regard and everyone is encouraged as a very minimum to speak about this issue in your house holds and to lead by example to protect your children. As parents, we cannot be stuck in only working for our material needs and ignore the wellbeing and development and protection of our children.

59. And as men, if we want to enjoy the status of “maintainers of women” as the Quran says, then we must place the wellbeing of our women before our own. Prophet (sawa) says “The best of you are those who are best to their women, and I am best to my women.”

60. Religious leaders have a special role in heading this campaign and in this regard I can announce that yesterday at the University of the Western Cape, the South African Faith and Family Institute launched the “THEOLOGICAL ADVISORY COUNCIL FOR GENDER BASED VIOLENCE” which represents all faiths and that Mowlana Aftab Haider has been appointed to serve on this very important body.

61. Lastly I wish to remind you that we are in the days of commemorating the Arba-een of the martyrs of Karbala and we will have a 4 night program starting on Wed night which is 10 Dec 2014 until Saturday night 13 Dec 2014. Mowlana Aftab Haider will be presenting the lectures Inshallah.