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The name of the organisation shall be the AHLUL BAIT (AS) FOUNDATION OF SOUTH AFRICA, hereunder referred to as the “AFOSA”.


2.1 Tauheed; as reflected in the phrase, “There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah” sovereignty and legislation as belongs solely to Allah and the necessity to surrender to His command.

2.2 The Divine revelation through the Prophethood of Muhammad (sawa) and its fundamental role in determining the shariah.

2.3 The Resurrection and its constructive role in the evolutionary course of mankind towards Allah.

2.4 Divine Justice.

2.5 Imamate as a continuation of leadership after the completion of Prophethood and its fundamental role in the Ummah.

2.6 Qur’an and Ahlul Bait, the two precious legacies (Thaqalayn) bequeathed to the Muslim Ummah by the Seal of the Prophets, our beloved Muhammad Mustafa (sawa), in which is enshrined the true interpretation of Islam and heritage of the Muslim Ummah.

2.7 During the time when the 12th Imam (may Allah expedite his appearance) is in Occultation, the leadership of the affairs and guidance of the people is the responsibility of a just and pious jurisprudent (marja), aware of the time, courageous and possessing drive and initiative, and whom the people know and accept.

2.8 Respect for human dignity, noble human values, and man’s free will with the responsibility that goes with it before Allah.

2.9 Negation of all forms of oppression or surrender to it, and the negation of tyranny or the acceptance thereof.

2.10 Practice of our religion as good citizens of South Africa.


3.1. To propagate the Islamic teachings, culture & the immaculate personalities of the Ahlul Bait (as), which is the heritage of Islam to our society.

3.2. To serve as an umbrella body, spokesperson and the champion of the rights of the Muslims following the School of Ahlul Bait (as) across the country on various national and international forums.

3.3. To provide the Spiritual and Social Guidance for South African Shia Muslim Community in liaison with Grand Shiite Spiritual Authorities.

3.4. To co–operate with the broader Muslim Community for the progress and unity of the Muslims.

3.5. To actively engage other religions in society for the promotion of peaceful coexistence, morality & social justice.

3.6. To empower Muslim women by presenting the example of the women of the Purified Household (as)

3.7. To uplift and develop the underprivileged through the establishment of social welfare programmes.

3.8. To train the followers of the Ahlul Bait (as) through the establishment of various educational programmes.

3.9. To encourage the co-operation between various groups and individuals interested in the message of the Ahlul Bait (as).

3.10. To assist in solving the problems and differences of the brothers and sisters in faith.

3.11. To strive to provide moral and material support to affiliated members in achieving of their goals including establishment & maintenance of Islamic Centres and Dawah – Tarrbiyah Programmes.

3.12. To raise financial and other resources to accomplish the above and sustain the activities.


4.1 The General Membership shall constitute the basic structure of the Foundation.

4.2 The members shall select a representative from their area or organisation to the Central Committee at a general body meeting.

4.3 Any Alim or Ulama, representing the Islamic Leadership or Grand Shiite Spiritual Authority in South Africa shall be co-opted on the Central Committee.

4.4 The Central Committee members shall select one member to represent the region on the

National Steering Committee.


5.1 Absolute Sovereignty of the world and humanity belongs to Allah who has so ordained that Humanity should have sovereignty over their social destiny. No one can deprive any person of this God-given right or to apply it in the interest of a person or group.

5.2 During the time when the 12th Imam (may Allah expedite his appearance) is in Occultation, the leadership of the affairs and guidance of the people is the responsibility of a just and pious jurisprudent, aware of the time, courageous and possessing drive and initiative, and whom the majority of the people know and accept to be the leader.

5.3 The leader or his appointed representative will have the highest authority in the Foundation.

5.4 Any pious Alim/Ulama present in South Africa, shall be respected, and the general membership, Central Committee and Steering Committee shall give the Alim / Ulama all the assistance and co-operation he/they require.


5.5.1 Shall administer, control, manage and execute all the activities of the foundation.

5.5.2 The Steering Committee shall co-ordinate the activities of the Foundation nationally.

5.5.3 The Steering Committee shall in their decisions consult the Central Committee.

5.5.4 A regional Steering Committee member, in consultation with an Alim representing the Leadership of the Islamic Revolution, shall act as a spokesperson for the Foundation.

5.5.5 The Steering Committee member shall call the regional Central Committee meetings on a monthly basis or at any time as so required.

5.5.6 The Steering Committee shall employ staff, to execute the programmes established and/or maintained by the Foundation, shall determine their salaries and dismiss them as and when necessary.

5.5.7 The Steering Committee shall meet twice per annum.

5.5.8 The Steering Committee shall address the problems raised by the Central Committee

and by the General Membership.


5.6.1 To keep the general membership informed about the activities and requirements of the Foundation.

5.6.2 To prepare the Constitution and organisational structure for the Foundation and suggest any changes.

5.6.3 To present the Constitution or suggested changes for approval to a General Body meeting.

5.6.4 The Central Committee shall call a quarterly General Body meeting or at such time as required.

5.6.5 Shall select the Steering Committee members during the month of November annually.

5.6.6 To appoint sub-committees to investigate any matter that the Central Committee refers to it (i.e. education, finances, establishing a centre, etc).

5.6.7 The Central Committee shall report any problem in areas, first to the Steering Committee and it will be raised at the Central Committee meeting.

5.6.8 Shall have the power to stipulate and increase the monthly subscription fee.

5.6.9 The members of the Central Committee shall NOT be office-bearers of any organisation or party, which is not affiliated to the Foundation.


5.7.1 The members referred to are individuals and affiliated organisations hereinafter referred to as the Membership.

5.7.2 The Membership shall approve the Constitution and changes with a two-thirds majority.

5.7.3 The Membership shall elect and dismiss their representative to the Central Committee.

5.7.4 The Membership shall report any problems and suggestions to the Central Committee and/or the Steering Committee.

5.7.5 The Membership shall pay the monthly subscription upon completion of the Membership Form.

5.7.6 The Membership shall make themselves available by participating in any such programme initiated by the Foundation that are within the limits of the Shariah.

5.7.7 The Membership shall elect their representative to the Central Committee annually during the month of November.


6.1 The Fiscal Year of the Foundation shall begin from 1st March and shall end on 28th February.

6.2 The Bank Account shall be operated by the Finance Committee established by the Central Committee.

6.3 All monies exceeding R200 in the possession of the Finance Committee shall be banked to the credit of the Foundation within 48 hours.

6.4 Auditors shall be appointed by the Steering Committee and shall have access to the books, receipts, records and all other related documents for the purpose of auditing the Financial Statements to be submitted at the General Body meeting.

6.5 No person shall have the right to incur debt in the name of the Foundation without prior written approval by the Central Committee.

6.6 All members are expected to contribute R5 per month in the furtherance of the Aims and Objectives (as stipulated in Article 3 of this document) of the Foundation.

6.7 All disbursements up to R2000 shall be approved by the Steering Committee. Any amount exceeding R2000 shall be disbursed at a Central Committee meeting.

6.8 Receipts are to be issued for all monies received.


6.9.1 The Finance Committee shall be appointed by the Central Committee.

6.9.2 Shall be responsible for the receipt and safekeeping of all monies of the Foundation, and shall deposit such monies within 48 hours with the bankers of the Foundation.

6.9.3 Shall keep an accurate record of the finances and shall submit a Financial Report at Central Committee meetings.

6.9.4 Shall present an audited Financial Statement at the General Body meeting.

6.9.5 Shall delegate and supervise their powers and functions to members whom they wish to co-opt.


7.1 In the event of the dissolution of the Foundation, the assets shall be distributed to an organisation with the same Aims and Objectives as the Foundation.

7.2 Any dissolution/merger shall be recommended by at least two-thirds of the Central Committee and with the approval of an Alim at the meeting of the Foundation specially convened for that purpose.

7.3 In the event of a merger with any organisation the assets and liabilities shall be transferred to the new organisation.

7.4 The members shall receive at least 21 days notice of the intention to Dissolve/Merge the Foundation and the notice convening the said meeting shall clearly state the same on the face of the notice.

7.4.1 Should the members have any objections to the dissolution/merger it should be given in writing within 14 days.

7.4.2 The quorum of the membership being in the form of individuals and affiliated organisations shall be two-thirds of the membership.

7.4.3 If there is no quorum at such a meeting, the meeting shall stand adjourned for not less than one week and the members attending such an adjourned meeting shall constitute a quorum.

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