Battle of Badr from Quranic Perspective

17th Ramadaan is another crucial turning point in the early history of Islam – the Holy Quran repeatedly reminds us about its significance – Battle of Badr

The Meaning Of “Heart” (Qalb) In Quran

In the Quran the word “Qalb” is mentioned more than 100 times and you can thus imagine the importance of this word and understanding its meaning.

Merciless Killing Of Tazne Van Wyk: The Result Of A Lost Moral Compass From Top To Bottom

Jumuah lecture on Friday 21 February 2020 (26 Jamadil Thani 1441)Mowlana Syed Aftab HaiderAhlul Bait (a.s) Masjid, Ottery, Cape Town One of the very important messages of the Holy Quran is to look in-depth at our behaviour, actions and attitude in this worldly life. The Holy Quran draws our attention to the inner face of […]