It is with great sadness that we have witnessed the sad passing away of prominent Ulama of the school of Ahlul Bait (as) in the past few days.

On behalf of the Ahlul Bait (as) Foundation of South Africa and all its national affiliates, we hereby convey our heartfelt condolences to our beloved living Imam Mahdi (as), the Shia community of Pakistan, including the many Shias of Pakistani origin in South Africa as well as all followers of Ahlul Bait (as) on the loss of Allama Talib Jouhary, Islamic scholar, poet, historian and an extraordinary Orator – a graduate of the Najaf seminary. (Howzat ul Iilmiyah – Najaf – al Ashraf) as well as other Ulama’a . May Almighty’s mercy be upon their souls.