Delivered by Mowlana Syed Aftab Haider on 7 June 2016 at Ahlul Bait (a.s) Islamic Centre, Ottery, Cape Town

Respected brothers and sisters who are the Guests of Al-Rahman, we first thank and praise Almighty Allah for providing us the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the Infinite favours of Allah in this Holy Month of Ramadaan.

These favours are so profound that even your sleep (which is an involuntary act) is rewarded as an ibadat while the climax of all acts in this month is getting closer to the Quran.

In a hadith of Prophet Muhammad (sawa), he says: “If anyone desires to speak to his Lord, then he should read the Quran.”

While it is recommended to be in touch with the Quran throughout the year, this is the time when we dedicate more time to reading, understanding and practising the injunctions of the Quran.

Since the purpose of the Quran is guidance, it can only guide us if we attempt to understand it and thus this aspect is critical to focus on in the month of the Quran itself.

Our reflections this year will be on Surah Furqaan and focus on its key messages that we are able to cover in the limited time available.

  1. There’s great reward for reciting this surah. A narration states: “Whoever recites Surah Furqaan will be raised in the hereafter in the condition of being a believer in the hereafter and a believer in the fact that Allah will raise people who are in their grave.” A person reaches this station because his recitation is one wherein he comprehends its meaning.
  2. The Surah starts with drawing your intention to the Quran itself and calls the Quran, Furqaan i.e. “Criterion” – something that distinguishes between truth and falsehood.
  3. Three main themes discussed in this surah are:
  • Response to the accusations of the mushrikeen and warning of the terrible consequences of rejecting truth. This is accompanied by examples from history of people who rejected the truth;
  • Arguments on Tauheed in response to the lame excuses of the mushrikeen;
  • The attributes of the slaves of Rahman

Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi says this surah consists of 3 things:

  1. “There is no god”
  2. “Except Allah”
  3. How to identify those who truly believe in “there is no god except Allah”

Insha’Allah, the details will continue tomorrow night.