In the past week South Africans witnessed in absolute horror the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals living in South Africa.

Though we have experienced attacks of this nature in the past, the extremities of these attacks witnessed this week were on an unprecedented level!

AFOSA wishes to voice its strongest condemnation of these inhumane actions.

Our country permits peaceful protests for any grievance that we may have, but there is no justification whatsoever for the brutal atrocities committed against our fellow Africans who have beloved parents, brothers, sisters, mothers and children like all of us.

Let us stand together and say NO to all sorts of discrimination against one another. These xenophobic and Afrophobic attacks are not only affecting foreign nationals but are also a great threat to the future of our country and our reputation internationally.

We appeal for immediate restraint and cessation of these hostilities. Let us all stand together and embrace our fellow brethren and explore peaceful channels to resolve any grievances, and not provide platforms to criminal elements and other forces with malicious intent against our country.

Islam teaches us that all human beings are equal and does not discriminate between one’s race, gender, geographic origin, language, etc. The only distinction is accorded to the one who is the Most God Conscious.

And the Leader of the God Conscious, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib a.s taught us that we should show compassion to others as they are either our brethren in Faith or they are our fellow Human Being.

As a signatory to the International Charter of Compassion, AFOSA calls upon all fellow South Africans to introspect and bring this Charter to life by practically expressing our disgust with the current state of affairs and extending compassion to the victims of the violence.


S. A. Haider



APRIL 2015