Thursday, 12 March 2020

Dear Brothers/ Sisters,
Dear Management of Masajid, Husaniyyahs, Centres, Communities & Jama’ats.

Assalamu alaykum,

This year’s spiritual season of Rajab, Shaban and the month of Ramadan—with its special acts of devotion, prayers, fasting, and celebration of major religious events—unfortunately coincides with the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in different parts of the world, and
lately in our country as well.

With the possible spread of this potentially dangerous virus, it is religiously incumbent upon everyone to take all possible measures to prevent its spread. Islamic centres should constantly remind their participants Of the precautionary protocol to protect themselves and others against the spread of this virus. We request all the followers of Ahlulbait(as) across the country to work together with their management and volunteers in implementing whatever precautions and adjustments they deem necessary. We urge the respected believers who wish to attend the Islamic centres to
observe the following:

  • Avoid handshaking and hugging.
  • Avoid bringing those who are the most vulnerable such as elderly people and those who have underlying chronic medical conditions.
  • Those who are coughing or have a fever should remain in their homes until they are fully well.

According to Islamic teachings as profoundly manifested by Holy Qur’an and Ahlulbait (as) and established by Our Grand Spiritual Authorities (Mara’aje al kiram) in their explicit Fatawa (Verdicts) “It is necessary (Waiib) to follow the health guidelines issued by health officials and

These guidelines are widely available on social media and other media resources.

Besides all these precautions and treatments, do not forget supplication to Allah, the Exalted, for He says, “Your Lord has said, ‘Call Me, and I will hear you! “[The Quran 40:60].

Recitation of Duas as taught by Ahlulbait(as) likes of 7th Dua of Sahifah Sajjadiyyah and Tawassul with them in the challenging times is key to salvation.

We ask Allah, the Exalted, with His kindness and generosity to heal those who are infected with this virus and bless them with good health, and may His mercy be bestowed upon the deceased and patience and reward bestowed on their families and loved ones.

The Qur’an quoted Prophet Ibrahim (p) as saying, “It is He who created me and He will guide me. It is He Who gives me food and drink and heals me when I am sick. He Will cause me to die and will bring me back to life.” (The Holy Quran 26:78-81)

Syed Aftab Haider
Ahlulbait Foundation Of South Africa
Cape Town