Monday, 16 March 2020

Dear Brothers/ Sisters,

Assalamu alaykum,

As you all aware of the current situation regarding coronavirus epidemic in our country and city, The Honourable president of the Republic has announced the situation as “National Disaster” and provided certain instructions and guidelines in this regard.

First of all, we commend his leadership and swift actions taken against this serious challenge facing our country like other parts of the world.
Secondly in the light of the above and after careful considerations, we have concluded following plan of action regarding activities at our Mosque:

  1. All major programs like Mera’aj & Coming Celebrations of Shabaan etc. are cancelled with immediate effect.
  2. Salatul Juma’a also has been cancelled until further notice.
  3. Madresatul Imam Husayn (as) (Saturday Madressah) for youth & adults is also closed until further notice.
  4. Daily Salah of Jama’ah will continue with strict precautions and health guidelines.
  5. Dua Kumayl will continue as well with strict precautions and health guidelines. (Attendance in both above programs are usually less than 50 people. However, this will be reviewed on a daily basis based on the situation).
  6. During major programs lectures will be live streamed on AFOSA Facebook page. Community will be informed for exact times and details via WhatsApp.
  7. Pre Khutbah talk will also be broadcasted live on AFOSA Facebook page at 1PM every Friday.
  8. We will also try to introduce more educational programs live on air during this period.
  9. Announcements regarding Ramadaan will be communicated at a later stage based on the situation at hand.

In conclusion, we beseech Almighty Allah in the way his Wali and our Imam (ajtf) implored him:

“O’ He when the affairs become difficult, He opened the ways we didn’t imagine, so send Your blessing to Muhammad and on the family of Muhammad and open for me ways out from my difficulties that I didn’t imagine, O’ the Most Merciful of the merciful.”

Management Committee

Ahlulbait Mosque Complex, Cape Town