It gives us great pleasure to extend our congratulations to the young men and women from communities across the country on passing their matric exams and also displaying outstanding
academic achievement with distinction.

The results are a reflection of their hard work underpinned by the sacrifice and support from their families who equally share in this momentous occasion.

While matric is an important milestone, it is also a stepping stone to greater success in life and we trust that our students will be continuing their journey of knowledge acquisition at the
highest level.

As they further pursue the journey of gaining knowledge, they should remember the words of Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny), who said: “A learned man among the ignorant people is like a living person among the dead. And everything, including the fish, the poisonous vermin, the wild
beasts and the cattle pray for the forgiveness of the one who seeks knowledge. So, seek knowledge, for surely, it is a conducive means between you and Allah, Most High. And surely, seeking of knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim.”

Therefore, always practise introspection to ensure that your knowledge becomes a means of proximity to Allah (irrespective of the educational discipline) and that you are able to further serve our communities In-sha’Allah.